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The 39 Steps

May 16 - June 2

It’s time for a grand adventure!

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Up Next...

WallByrd Theatre Co. has a new home for our new season at the Avyarium Theatre in Village Gate.  2018-19 marks our biggest year yet as we gear up for our 5th season.  

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Past shows

Explore WallByrd's previous productions, from Romeo & Juliet to The Importance of Being Earnest.

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Based in classics. Infused with art. 

WallByrd is a theatre company centered in classic theatrical works. Based in Rochester, NY, each show is a visual adventure. Every story's timeless truth is brought forth.

Working with local actors from the Rochester community, the WallByrd experience is as enriching for performers as it is for audiences.

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WallByrd Studio

Our dedication to the Theatre goes far beyond the stage.

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