WallByrd's foundation rests in the universal human need for stories.  We believe that an act of creativity begins with the need to "speak", to give to another something of comfort, awareness, laughter, warning, or simply an acknowledgment of a shared experience grounded in space and time.  Our belief in the gift of stories ignites in us not only a passion for all we bring to the stage, but drives our dedication to those who seek mastery in all creative spheres.

WallByrd Studio is a new platform dedicated to promoting the health, longevity, and mastery of the artist, specifically those in the performance fields.  

Acting is the medium of the human form presented in space-time.  The care and control of the body and mind are essential for the actor to continue developing as both craftsman and artists.  Mastery in an arts goes beyond the simple act of academic learning, and represents a life long endeavor and investment.  We at WallByrd seek to provide resources, workshops, and further development opportunities to performers in the Rochester area.

What to Expect

Ongoing Workshops in Performance Methods - Diversify your offerings as a performer and learn more about a variety of acting methods and approaches that actors can call on during any project.

Lecture Series- Interviews, talk backs, and round tables with creative practitioners in all fields.

Independent and Private Workshops - Be it for audition prep or scene development, work one on one with an instructor or small intimate groups to help further your own independent practice. 

Development Space - Artists with works in development are welcome to rent the studio space for ongoing projects.  Ideal for rehearsal space or small readings and previews, we seek to engage and support the furthering development of the Rochester artistic community.  For more information, email us at hello@wallbyrd.com.

What's Coming Up?


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