The Duchess of Malfi

October 15-17th, 20-24th 2015
Rochester, NY



Battles. Romance. Race. War.

Defying the wishes of her two brothers, the newly widowed Duchess of Malfi is quick to secretly marry her true love and steward, Antonio.  When their illicit union is finally discovered, it will unleash a reign of terror, cruelty, madness, and murder that will tear country and kin to the ground.  

First performed by Shakespeare’s own company, the King's Men in 1614, this Jacobean classic has been heralded among the most grotesque, whirlwind thrillers of the English theater, composed with a poetic elegance and nuance to rival the bard himself.


In keeping with Wallbyrd's mission to explore “living classics," this production has been re-imagined to combine Webster’s expressive and eloquent verse with the raw, war-ravaged setting of the 1860’s antebellum south.  

Wallbyrd's production will explore how race, class, gender, and culture defined and defied a tumultuous period in American history.  Due to the complexity and sheer scale of this work, this is a rare chance to see one of Webster’s most acclaimed masterpieces embodied on the American stage.

Titillating high-energy performances from a unified and talented cast. It really is a perfect halloween show.
— Laurie Maskelony

Inside the Process

Take a dash of Charles Bronson in “Death Wish”, add a liberal helping of Liam Neeson in “Taken”, put in a pinch of the “Saw” movies and sprinkle with “Hamlet”. Voilà. Virginia Monte’s absolutely brilliant production of “The Duchess of Malfi.”
— John Borek


The Duchess of Malfi - Emily Putnam

Antonio Bologna - Vincenzo McNeill

Ferdinand - Alec Powell

The Cardinal - Matt Moore

Daniel de Bosola - Jonathan Griffiths

Delio - Greg Ludek

Cariola - Jaimi Miller

Julia - Jessamyn Slon

Castruccio - Carl Del Buono

Silvio - Eddie Coomber

Lady - Danielle Lattiere


Direction & Design: Virginia Monte

Production Management: Kate Duprey

Lighting Design: Jena Overbeck

Fight Direction: Lara Ianni

Dramaturgy: Christina Hurtado Pierson


Photography by Annette Dragon