BardBending: Fight Club Edition

September 10, 12 & 21 of 2019 Rochester, NY

bardbending3 copy.jpg


WallByrd Theatre Co. is back with a new action-packed mash-up of William Shakespeare’s greatest hits.  This year they’re “bending” convention to bring out the Bard’s inner beast!  It’s stage combat in the center ring as “BardBending: Fight Club Edition” samples a slew of Shakespeare’s best-known (and a few unexpected) conflicts.  Be it blades or bare knuckles, it’s a bloody free-for-all featuring the company’s signature blend of pop culture and classics.



king Lear

Romeo and Juliet

12th Night

Much Ado About Nothing

Taming of the Shrew



Alec Barbour*, Cassie Buscemi, Joey Chacon, Eddie Coomber, Fiona Criddle, Emily Lipski, Jonathan Lowery, Lauren MacDonough, Ged Owen, Fred Pienkoski, Serene Selke-Fisher, Kiefer Schenk, Katie Lou Thomas, Adam Urbanic, Tyler Wolff

Inside the Production