Where in the World is WallByrd?

WallByrd is growing, and with our founding member (and fantastic Production/ Stage Manager), Kate Duprey about to embark on her world tour with Celebrity Cruises, we at WallByrd are asking ourselves "When is something no longer a WallByrd project?"  Well simple, if our name is not on the project.  The end.  Seems straight forward enough and yet, if you have been with us awhile you know that so much of who we are is about not just what we make, but how we make it.  As not just theatre-makers, but as artists in a theatrical medium, the word "WallByrd" stands for more than just the projects, but the process.  If a project is not part of our season and does not have a logo on it, does that completely cancel out what little WallByrd flavorings our artists bring to the mix? Do our artists bring WallByrd with them, or does WallByrd end at the curtains edge and just outside the rehearsal room?

So again, when is something no longer a WallByrd project?

What is a WallByrd Artist?

Many people have asked what the word "WallByrd" refers to.  The word WallByrd was created to reference a unique, breathless sensation many artists feel when the urge to create takes hold.  It often begins with a thought, a spark, an instinct that there is something that needs to be said.  When it comes to the best kinds of stories, there is a split second, a moment, where words and color and canvas are not enough, the story is just too big and too important.  And for in instant the idea flutters, trapped in your chest trying to find the right way to be heard.  The way it wants to speak.  That little trill in your chest, the beginning moment is everything in the life of the artist.  How you choose to express that little thought, be it on stage, with paint, or in words-- that's what makes you a great craftsman, but that flutter, is what makes you an artist. 

So contrary to popular tradition, when we speak of a "WallByrd artist," it does not necessarily mean it is someone who works at WallByrd.   WallByrd artists are creative people who actively seek out that spark, and feed the hunger of that little flutter to fuel large stories in meaningful ways.  For the WallByrd artist, art is a very sacred practice, since viewing art is among the most vibrant and fulfilling ways we can nourish our souls.  WallByrd artists may not always be masters, but they are artists who seek mastery, who love to try new things, and above all seek to connect people, ideas, and stories. 

So when we ask if something is a WallByrd project, perhaps we are asking less if it is something WallByrd "owns," but instead is there something of the WallByrd spirit to celebrate here?   

So, what will we blog about?

Sometimes it is easy for artists (even WallByrd artists) to forget that the process of making work is just as sacred as the final presentation we show to the world.  As we expand and grow to new horizons, we wanted to make a space to celebrate and share the sloppy, silly, thrilling, and chaotic ways art evolves from the first fluttering steps into the grand final productions we share with our audiences.  This blog is a chance for us to talk a little less about the product, and more about that process.  We want to share what we know and how we learn.  We want to take you with us when our artists travel, whether it is collaborating with local artists here in Rochester, or traveling across the world to produce spectacular shows at sea.  We want to share with you a little of what makes us tick, how art gets made, and where we are exploring our own growing edge.  

This is a place for our questions (and all of yours too).  And if fortune is with us, it may even be a place to showcase where we find a little of that "WallByrd" spark in others.

No matter where we go, we take the heart of WallByrd with us.