Flying Half Way Around the World

Flight Day(s)

Yesterday went well! We left the house around 5:00pm, Kiefer, Mom, Dad, and I piled into the car and were on our way. We stopped in Fredonia around 7 for dinner. Wing City Grille!! We made it to Pittsburgh a little after 11 and settled in for a very brief sleep.

Up at 4:30am and getting ready. This morning was filled with love and tears. I said goodbye to mom and dad at the hotel...and then said it again. Kiefer took the shuttle to the airport with me, and helped me carry my bags and get checked in. Then came the hard part. Saying goodbye to someone who has become such a big part of my life in so short a time was not easy. I have to say here how grateful and luck I am to have someone so amazing, so supportive, and so loving pushing me to be my best. Saying goodbye was not easy for him either, but he helped me stay calm and always helps me believe in myself.

Mundane stuff, getting through security was relatively quick and painless. Waiting to board the first flight felt like forever, but then the time came. The first flight was only an hour and fifteen minutes, not much to tell there. We landed in Boston with ease and I got to my connecting flight with time to spare.

The second flight was a bit more...well...long. 12.5 hours from Boston to Dubai. The seats were fairly roomy, I was in an aisle seat in the middle of the plane, not good for views, but there was no one next to me so I was able to spread out! Complimentary blanket, headphones, ear plugs, pillow, eye mask, toothbrush and toothpaste! I ended up watching several movies, Fantastic Beasts, Doctor Strange, Inferno, and Now You See Me 2 and slept for a couple hours. Meals weren’t too bad, chicken and pasta, a mini pizza, and complimentary soda and wine! Landed in Dubai safe, but had to wait for the tram to pick us up. First flight I've ever had where I got off on the tarmac! Standing in the heat (yes was 74 when we landed) didn't sit well with me and I was dizzy and nauseous for a bit. Had to go through security again as well, never fun. Sat down, had some water and talked to Mom and Kiefer, that helped!

Final leg of the journey. I boarded in Dubai and headed to Singapore. The seats were the same as the last flight, but it was fairly packed, as the flight continued on to Melbourne after Singapore. 7.5 hours, 3 episodes of Sherlock, and a few episodes of Arrested Development later and we landed! I napped a little on this flight as well...but still not enough.

Got off the flight, found my shuttle and waited in the 76 degree (10:30pm) heat until it arrived. Quick trip over to the hotel and got checked in. Met a guy in line who is also boarding tomorrow. It'll be nice to have a friendly face on the first day. Now I'm going to sleep!!!

I get on the ship tomorrow, sometime mid morning! Here we go!!


Having been given a Shakespearean name at birth, Kate has been immersed in theatre her entire life. Growing up learning Shakespeare, and participating in her first production at the age of 9, she has always loved the stage. Being able to tell a story, live, to so many people, sharing that experience with them has been a huge draw since day one.

At the age of 17 she was thrown into the deep end of Stage Managing, being called in during tech week to run a show, and loved it immediately. Making things run super smoothly for everyone involved, letting the actors focus on what they need to, and not what’s going on backstage is what she prides herself on.

Kate studied at SUNY Fredonia and received a B.A. in Theatre, after Stage Managing such shows as Electra and Don Juan in Chicago. She has Stage Managed musical productions including (Avenue Q, RENT Geneva Theatre Guild) and Operas Cosi Fan Tutte and Die Fledermaus (Geneva Light Opera).

A part of WallByrd since its conception, you've seen Kate's Stage Managing work inPool (No Water), The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), The Duchess of Malfi, and Romeo and Juliet.