Auditions for 2018-2019 Season


who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Greater Tuna

The 39 Steps


When: Friday, August 10th & Saturday, August 11th @7:00pm

Callbacks (for Woolf): Sunday, August 12th @7:00pm

Where: The Avyarium, 274 Goodman St. N. Suite D242, Rochester, NY 14607.

To schedule an audition, please fill out the online audition form below, or contact us at


WallByrd Theatre Co. has openings for performers and technicians in the Rochester and surrounding areas for our 2018-2019 season.  Looking to fill roles for both immediate and upcoming productions.

All three productions will be part of our inaugural season at the Avyarium Theatre in Village Gate.  

All shows will rehearse evenings and weekends, 3-6 days per week, depending on the demands of the role. 

All productions will be a non-equity.

About These Productions...

Virginia Woolf logo.jpg

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Directed by: Virginia Monte

Seeking: 2 Male, 2 Female

Rehearses: Late August through October*

On-Stage: Nov. 1st-4th, Nov. 8th-11th, Nov. 15th-18th

*Please note: Rehearsal times for this production have been extended to accommodate performers in fringe.  Extensive fringe obligations may further impact the rehearsal schedule.


About the Show-

Coming soon.

Parental discretion is advised.


Listed below are the roles with the age, gender, and description ascribed by the text.  Please note: actors interested in Honey or Nick must be open to hair alteration or wigging for the role (if needed).

This is a non-equity production. 



MARTHA - [Female] A large, boisterous woman, fifty-two, looking somewhat younger.  Ample, but not fleshy.

GEORGE - [Male] Her husband, forty-six.  Thin; hair going gray.

HONEY -  [Female] Twenty-six, a petite blond girl, rather plain.

NICK - [Male] Twenty-eight, her husband.  Blond, well put-together, good-looking.


greater tuna logo.jpg

Greater Tuna

Directed by: Virginia Monte

Seeking: 2 Male

Rehearses: December through January (Holiday/New Years breaks exempted)

On-Stage: Jan. 17th-20th, Jan. 24th-27th, Jan. 31st- Feb. 3rd

Option to extend.

*subject to color-blind casting.


About the Show-

Coming soon.


Listed below are the two actor's tracks as they are typically assigned.   Please note: Each actor performs 10 acting tracks/characters; voice mimicry and Texan dialect a requirement for both roles. 

This is a non-equity production. 



Thurston Wheelis

Elmer Watkins

Bertha Bumiller


Leonard Childers

Pearl Burras

R.R. Snavely

Rev. Spikes

Sheriff Givens

Hank Bumiller


Arles Struvie

Didi Snavely

Harold Dean Lattimer

Petey Fisk

Jody Bumiller

Stanley Bumiller

Charlene Bumiller

Chad Hartford

Phinas Blye

Vera Carp


39 Steps logo.jpg

The 39 Steps

Directed by: Jonathan Lowery & Virginia Monte

Seeking: 3 Male, 1 Female

Rehearses: TBA

On-Stage: May 16th-19th, May 23rd-26th, May 30th- June 2nd

option to extend.

*subject to color-blind casting.


About the Show-

Coming soon.


Listed below are the roles with the age, gender, and description ascribed by the text.  Please note: Many roles perform multiple tracks/characters; voice mimicry and dialects a requirement for this show.  This will be a physically demanding production.

This is a non-equity production. 



RICHARD HANNAY - [Male, 40’s]  Attractive. Pencil Mustache.


CLOWN 1 -  [Open] Plays multiple roles.

CLOWN 2 - [Open] Plays multiple roles.



Listed below are some of our openings and offerings for positions in our technical staff.  If you have an interest, please contact us at  Some positions will require a resume/portfolio and an interview for consideration.  If you are interested in assisting in a non-listed position, please feel free to contact us as well, and we will put you in touch with the correct department.

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Costumes: Quick Change Artist (Greater Tuna)

Prop Artisan

Sound Design

Scenic Design/Set Painting

Sound/Light Board Operators

Assistant Producer/Box Office Management

Audition Sign-Up


What will happen at auditions?


Auditions will be held on Friday, August 10th and Saturday, August 11th  at 7:00pm.  Call backs (for Woolf) will be held on Sunday, August 12th at the same time.  Auditions will include some form of warm up and/or improv games and a prepared monologue of your choice.  You may or may not be asked to look at sides at the first audition.  As scary as they are, we hope to make auditions as laid back and smooth as possible.  We want to see you at your best, not under the most stress.

What do I need to bring?


In addition to your headshot and resume, auditioners are encouraged to bring a prepared monologue of their choice (contemporary and/or period appropriate).  Be sure to dress comfortably.  Auditioners for Woolf will be asked to bring a detailed list of conflicts (including fringe obligations).  Auditioners for Tuna and 39 Steps will be asked for a general overview of coming conflicts.   We do our best to work around conflicts, but only if they are identified early.

When will casting for Tuna and 39 Steps be decided?


While Woolf is our most pressing show for casting, due to their demanding nature and potential development training, we are looking to bring together our casts for Tuna and 39 Step as soon as possible.  Notification for Tuna and 39 Steps will be finalized no later then Labor Day.

I won't be available during the audition dates- can I still audition?


Yes!  We feel strongly about giving as many artists a chance to participate as possible.  If you are unavailable for the audition dates then we will do our best to work out an alternative time for you.  We will also accept an acting reel or digital video submission,  however we always prefer to see you in person.  Just email us as soon as possible and we will attempt to find something that works for everyone.