BardBending: Fight Club Edition


When: Friday, June 28th @6:30pm

Where: The Avyarium Theatre

274 Goodman St N #D242, Rochester, NY 14607

To schedule an audition, please fill out the online audition form at the bottom of the page, or contact us at


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WallByrd Theatre Co. is seeking performers with combat/movement experience for our second year of Key Bank Rochester Fringe production of "BardBending: Fight Club Edition".

These auditions are open to actors located in and around the Rochester area.

This will be a non-equity production.

Show dates will be…

Tuesday, September 10 @ 7:00pm

Thursday, September 12 @ 8:00pm

Saturday, September 21 @ 7:30pm


WallByrd Theatre Co. is back with a new action-packed mash-up of William Shakespeare’s greatest hits. This year they’re “bending” convention to bring out the Bard’s inner beast! It’s stage combat in the center ring as “BardBending: Fight Club Edition” samples a slew of Shakespeare’s best-known (and a few unexpected) conflicts. Be it blades or bare knuckles, it’s a bloody free-for-all featuring the company’s signature blend of pop culture and classics.


Listed below are the potential scenes that will be featured this year.  

This is a non-equity production. 

Please Note: due to the conceptual direction of many scenes, roles may be open to either gender and age variations. 

Rehearsals are evenings and weekends beginning in July, 1-3 days per week, depending on the demands of the role(s). 



As You Like It (1.2)

Romeo and Juliet (2.1)

King Lear

12th Night

Much Ado About Nothing

Taming of the Shrew (2.1)




Audition Sign-Up


What will happen at auditions?


Auditions will be held on Friday, June 28th at 6:30pm.  Call backs (if needed) will be held at a later date.  Auditions will include some form of warm up and/or improv games, a combat audition, and a prepared monologue of your choice.  As scary as they are, we hope to make auditions as laid back and smooth as possible.  We want to see you at your best, not under the most stress.

What do I need to bring?


In addition to your headshot and resume, auditioners are encouraged to bring a prepared monologue of their choice (contemporary and/or Shakespear appropriate).  Be sure to dress comfortably as there will be a movement portion of the audition.  We also ask you to bring a list of all known rehearsal conflicts.  We do our best to work around conflicts, but only if they are identified early.

Do I need to have any experience with Shakespeare or other Jacobean theatre in order to audition?


No.  While this is a very rich text, there is no special training required in order to unlock it.  All you need is an open mind, and a sense of play.

I won't be available during the audition dates- can I still audition?


I have no experience with stage combat- should I still audition?

Yes!  We feel strongly about giving as many artists a chance to participate as possible.  If you are unavailable for the audition dates then we will do our best to work out an alternative time for you.  We will also accept an acting reel or digital video submission,  however we always prefer to see you in person.  Just email us as soon as possible and we will work to find something that works for everyone.

For most roles combat will be a required component of casting, but not for all.  Actors with strong body awareness and physical ability are a definite plus.